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$1m in Profits in 12 Weeks

1 Million Dollars Profit in 12 Weeks


$1m in Profits in 12 Weeks - A Lesson For All

What I’m about to lay out before you is astonishing… many of you will call bullshit… many of you will be impressed… and most of you will probably carry on doing the same thing you’ve always done and think it can’t possibly apply to you.

13 weeks ago I was approached by a gentleman from Oklahoma, USA who found me on Social Media and decided to reach out and schedule an introduction chat with me. After 20 minutes we mutually agreed it would be a good fit to work together and within 48hrs, we got to work.

Before I Start - Please do me a Favor

Imagine this story was YOU… imagine how YOU would feel?

The below information is 100% fact and is bound by a code of ethics I must adhere to via the CMT Association… but I’m I’m not stupid, I do understand it’s going to seem too good to be true… but trust me… it’s true. Every single last word.

Now imagine, 3 years ago you decide to enter the Stock Market because you’ve just taken an Options course online and you decide that you believe in the Fundamental story on a couple of companies, and you furnish your Trading Account with $17k.

You choose to take up positions in NVIDIA and Facebook and things immediately start moving to profit.

As profit continues to accumulate, you do the sensible thing and you keep adding to your position, and before you know it, time has flown by and 2 and a bit years later… you’re sitting at an utterly incredible $2,100,000.

No need to adjust your glasses or the screen, you read that correctly…. 2 point 1 million dollars profit from a seventeen thousand dollar account (I typed the numbers out so there’s no ambiguity or room for interpretation).

Now pause for a second. Because It goes pear shaped.

Imagine how you’d feel with a $2.1m dollar account, imagine the elation and the complete happiness of realizing you have 1 of the greatest trading stories ever written, and that YOU are currently one of the greatest trading stories on planet earth.

Fast Forward 3 months and imagine it’s all invested (in Options) and the market starts to decline MASSIVELY (this is October 2018), and imagine the incapacitating fear watching your positions and your account drain away because you’re buying the dip and thinking this is just another short term drop… things will come back right? They always come back… nothing has changed with the company… why is NVIDIA dropping from $295 to $150? This makes no sense.

Imagine how you’d feel watching your Options value fall from $2.1m to $600k and it’s got no sign of stopping… what would you do?

It’s easy to sit and judge when you understand what should have been done, but what do you do when you see no real fundamental change in a company, and you naively hold on to the belief that stocks will keep rising as long as the company is good… and without the understanding that a full Technical Analysis is telling us to get the hell out.

If you have no clue about Technical’s, what do you do? It’s tough. It really is.

Would you hold? Would you sell? Or would you double down?

John sold, and ultimately cashed in $600k around March time (which is still incredible).

I can never relate to that level of mental anguish, because I know I’d never be in that situation in the 1st place (to allow such a drop to wipe out that much profit).

Did he recover his losses?

When John approached me in April (I should also add that his testimonial is up on my website - yes, he’s a real life actual person that’s an active part of my group)… and I could tell almost instantly on our introduction call that he was putting a brave face on his situation and trying to remain positive.

John had a simple request… he wanted to learn my brand of Technical Analysis and he wanted confirmation it could apply to Options (which it does)… so I was given a brief… slowly get him back to $2.1m trading a combination of Stocks and Options and he had a goal of getting back there within 2 years.

First thing to say … John listened to every word I said, he checked in with me daily and he had a huge support system in place via my charting (whenever he needed a chart, I provided mine for him to compare against his) and he also had my group of hugely successful Traders around the world.

We’re a team and a damn good team at that.

It’s now coming to the end of July and John has come to the end of our 1 on 1 time together … and in the 12 weeks we’ve been working together, he has just hit $1.6m from the $600k he started with… and it’s safe to say I’m probably on his Xmas card list. (John, I also like a nice Single Malt).

Most of you have gotten to know me well over the last 3 years (from my early Social Media days, and some of you from the Meetup groups in London) you all follow my work incredibly closely, but I don’t think I’ve every truly articulated what I do and I don’t think anyone truly understands what I do… you probably think I just throw out a couple of charts and tell everyone to get on with it, or maybe you think I just give everyone access to a bunch of tutorials and tell them to go learn… but this could not be further from the reality.

I’m absolutely committed to success for each and every 1 of my guys.

This year alone, I have assisted the brilliance (I will never take credit for it) of 2 Incredible Traders who have cleared $1m this year, and many of my clients are also healthy 6 Figure Traders (Stocks and Options)., others are taking in 20-100% in their 1st year of trading - which is incredible.

I have a relatively small pool of 50 Clients who I’ve worked with in the last 18 months (which keeps me massively busy) and it’s why I take on limited numbers… I have no ambitions to have the biggest stock market trading group on the planet… it’s quite enough taking on 3 people a month. Quality over Quantity, just like my trading approach.

What’s the stat again?

Apparently Traders fail 95% of the time… not on my watch.

For me, the greatest thing about what I do with traders like John, is the complete happiness and satisfaction I get in helping people overcome the Stock Market hurdles… make the small adjustments (that many simply don’t see) and it’s through the minor changes where the magic happens.

John is 1 of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet, and he has the most incredible positive attitude, and although John has thanked me a hundred times over the last 12 weeks, I should thank him, because he’s spurred me on to be even better for my next client and to create something special with them also.

His story is both unique and inspirational and I know I’ve helped him achieve something that will aid him for the rest of his life, and hopefully this story in some way helps to inspire you too. Because it IS possible, you just have to be committed.

What’s in Johns future? Hopefully more profit.

He already knows the objective… get to $4m (which I have full confidence he will get to) and then remove himself from the market until the Market Crashes (which it will)… and we’ll turn that $4m into $20m+… this is what I do… I help to create incredible traders.

There are NO endless courses to pay for, there are NO monthly subscriptions once you’re in… I work WITH you and teach you proven strategies and Technical Analysis techniques (that I don’t show on social media) … and it’s just a bonus that I’m damn good at charting and teaching - it’s why my work is now being featured in some of the world’s most popular Trading Publications (alongside the best Chartists in the world).

If you want to come on board and be part of the best group on planet earth… there’s a diary below… I think it’s worth exploring. Don’t you?

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