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$100k In ONE Day

Many of the subscribers to this blog often ask me the same question (in some variation or another) - Sam - just how successful are you, and just how successful are your clients… I get asked the same questions nearly every week (especially on my calls with prospective clients), and whilst I don’t have time to respond to all the emails I receive any more… I do think it’s important to understand that whilst yes, I have my own trading style, and I have my own success… the success that some of my clients are also obtaining, and the incredible trading that they are demonstrating is nothing short of astonishing.

Most of you who follow my Social Media feeds will know that I’m working out of Mexico for the next 2 months (and taking a 10 day break from all things stock / business related) and as I write out this blog… I was almost reduced to tears on Friday by some of the incredibly kind messages from my clients, thanking me for everything that I do… because as most of you know by now, many of my blogs and emails nowadays have a marketing element to them (as I’ve been taught to do by 1 of the worlds top marketing consultants)… but this blog was what started my journey, it means a lot to me, and what happened this week, needs to be shared… because I’m truly humbled.

What happened on Friday then Sam I hear you ask?

Cancun 2019.jpg

Whilst enjoying this view on Friday afternoon (please do forgive my hobbit feet), my client community started blowing up with alerts because 1 of my clients (and I cannot believe it myself) registered a $100k day on the back of some Incredible Trading using the entry strategies / Market Strategies that he understands he must apply… please don’t take my word for it - those of you that follow me closely, you all understand that I have complete transparency in my work… and this was the group chat feed taken from Friday

David 24th feb 2019.jpg
Max 24th Feb 2019.jpg

My client group are now officially taking things to a whole new level… but it’s not just that, they are also the most incredibly nice and incredibly helpful people you could ever wish to meet, and I’m proud of every single 1 of them… not everyone chooses professional mentoring, and not everyone is willing to pay the cost of tuition (which is completely ok)… but when you have a proven system, a proven quality over quantity approach, as well as a support system that can help people make consistent profits day after day, and week after week… it certainly helps.

Let me be clear, making 6 Figures in a single day is incredible, and this is NOT normal for the average trader, and I for one would never suggest to you that this is achievable for you immediately, because the reality is, it takes time to build a trading account, and it takes time to apply the patience that comes with trading successfully… but it’s certainly possible in time, and David is a great example to all.

The other success I wanted to share was of my relatively new client Arpan (who only picked up Trading 3 months ago) - just cashed in $7,000, and in the process told me I was a legend… but what Arpan isn’t acknowledging is that this could not be further from reality… because the absolute truth of the matter is this… my client group as a whole are the legends - they have incredible insight, they have incredible independent thinking, they apply the knowledge that I’ve taught them, and they know when to enter and when to exit., and whilst some of my clients lean on knowledge acquired over the years (prior to working with me) and have a skill set that means they can adapt to different market dynamics - the only thing for sure, is that I have unquestionably the best client group on the planet… there is no doubt about it in my mind… if you want to be a successful trader… it’s a good place to be, and you stand a MUCH better chance of success by being part of a group of successful traders than not.

Arpan 24th Feb 2019.jpg

Arpan - in response - it is YOU that is the legend… I only provide the knowledge and support… it is you who walked through the front door, and it’s incredible to see the insight and the communication now mirroring my quality over quantity approach.

At Honeystocks…. we don’t like to play Vegas odds… we like to stack the odds in our favor, and this is the biggest compliment I can give everyone… we’re not the dumb money, and we’re not the weak hand at the table… and if you want to learn how to be the strong hand… it’s pretty simple… just start by clicking the link below, and beginning a journey that will see you competent in as little as 4 weeks.

I said I wouldn’t work during these 10 days, but I had to share this with all…. it’s motivation, and I think it’s inspiration for those of you that struggle with consistency.

Have a good week all.

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