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5 Charts Showing Strength

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5 Charts Showing Strength

How many of you understand how to identify strength in the Market and how many of you know when to action an entry on a Stock, and when to stand aside and select another stock, because the entry is too risky?

It’s a tough little game, trying to manage your risk, identify the entry, when to compound, and when to exit at maximum profits… but the whole process really starts with identifying strength in the Market.

1st Thing to say… none of these charts should be taken as advice, or encourage you to initiate a position in the Market… the Market is incredibly unforgiving to those that don’t know what they’re doing, or those that are unable to carry out their own due diligence, so I’d highly encourage you to seek professional assistance before entering the Market.

Now, with that said, you all know by now that I know how to identify strength in the Market, but what Stocks are on my radar just now, and which stocks am I actively watching VERY closely.

1. Coupa Software (COUP)

Coupa Software 21st May 2019.png

Some of you will already know, but this Tech Cloud Software Company has been on a complete tear this year with a +92% move in the last 6 months - which is incredible. My Client Group received an alert for this stock 3 Weeks ago at $100, and it’s moving nicely.

How far this goes will be very much dependent on Earnings 3rd June - that will dictate how much further this juggernaut will move. Definitely worth adding to your watch list.

2. Everi Holdings (EVRI)

Everi Holdings 21st May 2019.png

For those that follow my work closely, this will likely be a new 1 for you, and I have to say I cannot take any credit whatsoever for identifying it… that credit goes to my new client Orin Leonard, who’s currently learning Technical & Market Analysis / Identifying strength, and he provided this gem to my Client Group last week, and has already started moving.

Heavily into the Vegas gaming scene - this may be a chart that appeals to some of you who are looking for lower value stock, and looking to take a bit of a “punt” on a long term prospect. +120% this year for a reason.

3. Twilio (TWLO)

Twilio 21st May 2019.png

If Twilio (TWLO) the Tech Software Company hasn’t been on your radar, then it should be… that chart is better looking than Mila Kunis, and it’s a perfect example of why Trend Trading just works… why jump in for $2 or $3 moves when you can run it for $50… just saying.

It’s up 70% already this year… how much further will it go? Who knows.

4. Ball Corp (BLL)

Ball Corp 21st May 2019.png

Ball Corp is up 55% this year and is moving along nicely as you can see from the chart.

This might appeal to those looking to reduce Tech exposure (those Red days in Tech at the moment can be BRUTAL if you’re over committed) - so this might serve as a nice little balance if a company that produces jars (very unexciting) is interesting to you.

5. Planet Fitness (PLNT)

Planet Fitness 21st May2.png

A fitness brand advocating pizza and bagels after a work out… not sure my Personal Trainer would approve, but for some reason, the brand is crushing it (recent Earnings were largely positive)… the only negative, is that CNBC had a rather prominent Technical Analyst advocating shorting the stock, which induced selling pressure into the stock.. so where it goes in the short term is dependent on key technical levels holding firm, but certainly, it’s a stock that’s performing well (as demonstrated by the +60% move already this year).

As you can see, the stock market (despite all the negativity recently) has some incredible performers this year, and MANY MANY MANY more, you just need to know where to look.

Over the last 2 Years, I have recorded EVERY single Trade Idea I post to my Client Community, and they’re all recorded in our Track Record - for complete transparency - the results speak for themselves.

If you struggle to profit in the market, and if you’ve NOT made a profit from Trading during the biggest bull market the world has ever seen, feel free to click the link below to join the Honeystocks movement.

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