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Be More Millennial?


Something amazing is happening with the world.... Millennial's are changing the way the world operates. 

No Longer are we seeing the youth of today desperate to follow in the well worn path laid out by the parents and grandparents of this world - they are not desperate for a pension - they are not desperate to work 9-5 - they are not desperate to work for companies who will work them to the bone. Instead, we are seeing an incredible surge of entrepreneurship and those who realize life has more to offer. 

All across the world, we're starting to see a momentum shift.... those of us who realize that in order to make money, to live life well and travel, all you literally need is a phone, social media, a laptop and a willingness to learn and the beauty of it is.... the Millennials are NOT learning from the older generation, but rather the Older Generation are learning from the Millennials - and it's a beautiful thing. The tide is turning.

What would you prefer.... to work 8am-6pm chained to a desk while also commuting an hour a day in some shitty ass town in noweheresville, or would you prefer to work for 2hrs a day and have an extra 7hrs a day to live life in a city you always wanted to live or visit, stay healthy by working out, meet like minded people, explore, and see the sights this world has to offer.

As someone who in the last 2yrs has traveled to Canada, USA, Colombia, Peru, Galapagos, Mexico, Cuba, Italy, Croatia, France, Holland & Ireland - I can honestly say the juice is worth the squeeze. What can be better than freedom of location?

We're taught at a very early age that we must go through a system, we must go to Nursery School, then Primary School, then Secondary School, then College, then University, then we need to get a job, then we need to progress through the system laid out by the employer, and all this time.... we're searching for that elusive term that we want to be able to call ourselves - "Successful" and all the while we are conforming to the system and we're losing the creative spark that makes us human.

Fast forward 40yrs, it's retirement day, you get a handshake from everyone at work, you get a nice card, some farewell drinks and a company email thanking you for your service and then once again, you're bound by the system, you're given a pension to live out your days, you've only had 160 weeks off in 40 years and life has passed you by.

You're no longer the young 20 or 30 something who had the opportunity of youth, you've been replaced by a worn out senior citizen struggling to adjust to having nothing to do and who looks back on life with a tinge of regret and wishes they hadn't sacrificed so much time in the pursuit of that term we like to call "success".

Success is a unique word, simply because, the term applies directly to the individual, and if working a 40hr week for a job and a company you're passionate about is you're definition of success - that's great, I congratulate you wholeheartedly for finding something you're passionate about and something that fulfills you - so this blog may not apply to you.

For the vast majority of us however.... we've fallen into careers we don't particularly enjoy and we work for bosses and companies that we absolutely hate and IF we're unfortunate enough to lose a job with said company, we then have to conform to another system which is the "job seeking" system where we're at the absolute mercy of the recruiters who can't get back to you because they've looked over 200 CV's that day already and yours just happens to be number 501 - what chance do you have?

Well.... there's an alternative path.... and the good news.... it's not age restrictive.... so whatever your age status.... your career status.... there is a very real path to achieve this, and the likelihood is, you can probably earn a lot more money and you can also have more of life's ACTUAL currency - which is time.

As someone who has walked this road for 17yrs and worked to the bone for numerous Financial Institutions (Lloyds Banking Group / Deloitte to name a couple), it is only within the last 2yrs that something has clicked for me, and I made some big changes.

I now control my life and I have found a path in Trading the Financial Markets.... a relatively non-stressful path.... a path that I DON'T have to spend all day chained to a computer and a path that allows me to manage my positions for a total of 1hr a day. 

It's a path that has given my followers a 26% return in the last 2 weeks (since I started the website / Instagram Page) + a VERY substantial profit Trading CFD's (details of amounts are on my Social Media posts) using my Trend Based Trading style (which is VERY different to Day Trading) - and the best thing about it - I've worked for a total of 12hrs in 2 weeks to achieve this. (I only worked an extra couple of hours because of the CFD trades which i manage closely). 

I'm sharing how to do this and sharing my philosophy which I learned from 1 of London's best Private Traders ..... and I'm doing it for FREE on my Social Media - Instagram (honeystocktrend) and also my website (www.honeystocks.com) - there is a lot of great content on there and my followers are making substantial profits based on my analysis.

Whatever you're looking to do, and whatever changes you might want to make (it may not be trading) - but just realize there are alternative paths out there.... you just have to hunt down a mentor and learn whatever it is you want to learn and work your ass off to get out the rut... it CAN be done.... I promise..... you just need to find your passion

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