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Day Trading Crap

Let me guess…. You’re a Day Trader and these are 10 of the top things you mainly have to deal with….. 99% of the time.

  1. Stress - how many trades are you putting on a day, hoping that the next 1 will hit?

  2. Inconsistency - little wins but mostly bigger losses

  3. Time - you have to spend 3/4/5 hours a day looking at charts trying to figure out where the next “bounce” will be

  4. Capital - you’re capital is getting destroyed all the time, and you don’t know why, because you keep picking the wrong trades

  5. Stopped Out - you keep getting prematurely stopped out of your trades, and have to take losses despite the trade doing what you wanted it to

  6. Home Life - your family time might be suffering because you keep losing and you’re constantly in a bad mood

  7. Social Media - you scout social media, trying to find the next big talked about stock - and waste more time

  8. Signal Services - you’ve attempted to take a short cut to riches - it didn’t go to plan

  9. You Tube - you’ve watched hundreds of hours of content, and can’t figure out why you can’t make it work

  10. Information Overload - you’re a relative beginner, and you don’t think Trading can be done competently because it’s too complicated

If you observe the world in all it’s glory, sometimes the best people in the world, are the brutally honest ones, and although I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to listen to at first, you know deep down they’re right, and they have your best interests at heart. This is me.

You see, the reason I’m that guy, is because of the number of social media messages, the number of emails, the number of questions I receive (from some incredibly accomplished traders too)… and quite often I find myself uttering the words in my head… oh no, not another stupid disillusioned Day Trader trying to get better at Day Trading, what an idiot, I’ve got no time for replying… that’s genuinely what goes through my head sometimes (I know, it’s terrible right?).

Then……… I try to lay it out.

I take a deep breath…. I remember how I used to be…. and I try to formulate a response that doesn’t discourage someone from Trading.

My professional hat goes on and rather than enable someone and tell them Day Trading is crap (it usually makes them say - who do you think you are, what do you know - thus enabling them to try even harder), I prefer to promote the idea of Trend Trading (with an element of Swing Trading), and naturally, I attempt to engineer the conversation away from Day Trading, and to encourage a shift in mindset - which I only manage to do about 10% of the time. (some disillusionment can’t be saved unfortunately)

The reason I respond to these individuals, is simple really, and it comes from a place of concern, from love, and from a deep hope that I can have an impact on the individual’s life in a positive way… sometimes I do, and they become clients, sometimes I don’t, and they carry on doing what they do, trying to find the holy grail of Day Trading which truly saddens me.

I also oftentimes question whether my content is worth while (I’m told it’s mega useful - which is pleasing) - but I also feel at times, I might be giving the illusion that what I do is easy - it’s not easy, as not everyone has the quality over quantity approach that I do and I’m sure most of you have attempted to reverse engineer my methods (hopefully you’ve had some success)… but the truth is, I consider many more charts than the average trader, I understand Market Dynamics, Sector Rotation, Market Psychology, Key Support & Resistance, the Indices, the inner workings of Technical Analysis …. and I know how to identify only the best stocks - all this cannot be reverse engineered unfortunately.

In 2018 I provided 72 Trade Ideas to my Group with an average % gain of 16% per Trade Idea, and I’m asked how I manage to do this… and the rather simple explanation I manage to do this is because I DO NOT DAY TRADE (this feels like a rant) .

2019 has started well for my Group, and the average is already 13% per Trade Idea - which is quite frankly phenomenal.

So with all that in mind, let me ask you a few questions…..

If you could be educated in this style? If you could be part of this Group? If you had direct access to Trend Trading experts? If you could build your own Technical charts?

If you had access to a fully tested support system? If you could become a completely independent thinker who relies on NOBODY? What if you could become massively disciplined?

What would that be worth to you in terms of the growth within your Trading Account?

Would you pay $20k for this? $500 for this? What would you be willing to spend on something, that will change your life for the better, and give you massive consistency in your results?

Day Trading is just a losing game - 95% fail, and it’s the dumb money on Wall Street… the path to success doesn’t need to be a long one, not nowadays anyway… how would you feel about being accomplished in just 4 Weeks?

If you want to know more, and want to talk with us re: your results and how to improve them, feel free to schedule a call with us in the coming days, we’ve now opened our calendar for March,… once the spots are gone… they’re gone.

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