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We've all heard of AMAZON - you remember....... that book company that specialized in books back in the day.... that book company that has now taken over the world and has all but reduced retail High Street shopping to a quivering wreck and has resulted in 1 of the greatest business success stories of all time... a stock you used to be able to buy for $20 and is now worth more than $1000 per share.... yeah, it's been a hell of an adventure for that book company.... and it still keeps chugging on like a steamroller taking out everything in its path.... and it is now broadening into other sectors (it even acquired Whole Foods earlier this year so it can compete with Wal-Mart etc) and the reason for this - it's an evolving company.

When speculating on a stock that is trading in the lower end of the price spectrum, and when attempting to find the next big thing..... it is often prudent to consider the nature of the company and what their services are.... if we look at companies trading today.... we know what we're going to get from Coca-Cola, we know what we'll get from General Motors, we know what General Electric bring to the table.... so speculating on these long standing dinosaurs is probably not something that is going to have you swimming in your own heated Indoor Swimming Pool in your $5,000,000 property any time soon.

But if we look close enough, we can often spot the potential for some companies to evolve and when we consider the emergence of bloc chain technology and Bitcoin - we can see that Tech companies that have the capability to evolve with these phenomenons have the greatest chance to evolve and to grab a larger market share.

Tech companies in general have the greatest capability in my opinion and when we also look at chip manufacturing / semi-conductor companies as an example - this sector is in the midst of a HUGE period of growth (even with the recent downnturn) - but what is interesting to me and a question that I would like to see answered - can any of these companies evolve and potentially move into Artificial Intelligence (A.I) - which is going to arrive some day soon - if they can - we can expect lift off to the stratosphere - just like AMAZON.

Equally - companies moving into the Crypto-currency space (look at Square Inc recently) - the leap of 35% should tell you all you need to know - the potential is enormous - and as Square Inc have demonstrated a willingness to evolve their business - the possibilities are endless and this is something that I think we will likely see more of in the coming months and I also think stocks that embrace Bitcoin and Crypto-Currencies as a whole - will certainly see a rise in Market Cap and subsequently a rising share Price - which is good news for Bullish investors.

Although it is difficult to see a specific company path for the next 10 years - companies that demonstrate a willingness to evolve and evolve early are likely the biggest winners in the long term - and spotting these companies early on is something that can reap life changing rewards years down the line.

Bottom Line - find an evolving company and stick with it like your life depends on it (unless the trend reverses of course)

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