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How to Profit in ALL Market Conditions


It’s not rocket science to state that the Global Markets are in a bit of a decline at the moment, we all know this, but there are many ways to profit if you know what you’re doing, I know that’s not exactly the revelation that you’re possibly looking for in this week’s blog, but for those of you that have been following my weekend stock picks webinar (where I introduced Short positions for the 1st time this year), it’s been incredibly pleasing to see the guys in my community who are comfortable taking Short positions, profit from the Market downturn. Seeing numbers like 80%, 120% etc is pleasing to see, and it’s simply a reward for the hard work they’ve put in to learn.

The below table (stolen from Social Media) is an incredibly insightful break down of what has happened this year in the Worldwide Markets (and NO, the USA is not the only Market in the world) - it certainly answers a few questions, but I also know that it probably asks many more.


Looking at the table above, what are your thoughts on that? Does it scare you? Do you know how to trade negative market conditions? Do you have a Trading Plan in place? Do you have rules in place? These are all questions you must ask yourself

The Markets go up and the Markets go down, and if we look at what the Market is telling us, it just makes sense to me that on a Technical level that we should follow the strength.

In my view, the stocks that have performed poorly in a Bullish Market environment, are ripe pickings for the current market down turn and this is where the strength is in my view. We simply need to identify this strength and exploit it.

We all know China is in decline, but as we can observe, there are drops across the world, and again, it makes complete sense to me that the USA should (eventually) follow suit.

I’m not saying for 1 minute, that we are definitely going to see a Market Crash, it is certainly the surest way to go broke by betting on a Crash, but what you must learn to do, is profit over the short/mid term whilst the final outcome is determined and if the market rebounds in a week or 2… that’s perfectly fine… if it rebounds in a month or 2… that’s perfectly fine too… there are ways to profit in either scenario, and this is the key to long term success in the Markets.

If the Market does crash.. it makes no difference to me, because I will be on the right side and it won’t make any difference to those that I educate either, because we know what to do… but if you don’t understand what to do, then there will be a link below for you.

The Market is an unpredictable environment, and NOBODY knows what is going to happen next, anybody that says they know, it would be wise to discard their opinions because any good trader / Market analyst will tell you we must balance the weight of the evidence, arrive at a logical conclusion, and trade where the strength is, just because we had a bullish environment 3 weeks ago, doesn’t mean we need to remain bullish in the face of broken sectors and indices - we can profit regardless.

Copa Holdings 15th October 2018.png

This is a chart that I posted to my clients on the 15th October 2018… 1 week later we’ve seen a drop to $69.00 - and this is what I do, what I teach and why the Track Record on my website is so good. It’s an approach that pays VERY well when executed correctly, and when all the Technical’s align (note: the chart above does not include ALL the Technical Indicators that we use).

If you’re interested in education and you struggle with your trading results… we’d love to hear from you.

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