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Price Pays

Price Pays

How many of you think you need to have a heap of Technical Indicators in order to make good decisions in the stock market?

How many of you think that your chart needs to resemble a dogs dinner and it needs to include a heap of fancy lines on the chart?

Today, I’m going to challenge you, and I’m going to (hopefully), force you to consider your approach to identifying good stocks… that’s most definitely the goal, and perhaps in challenging you, I can help to open your eyes to the possibility that trading does NOT need to be a complex endeavor.

To start with, allow me show you a chart, and to be clear… I consider this chart to be more beautiful than Margot Robbie. (which is some going)

Exhibit A - TEAM.

Atlassian Corp 14th April 2019.png

Please take a good look at that chart above, and study it… because there is more to be learned from that chart than what likely meets the eye., because as a stock, and as a trend, it’s a thing of beauty.

Hopefully it’s dawning on you, just how much money that trend could potentially have made you over the last 12 months…. and how applying something like Options would have amplified that growth.

How many of you move in on a stock hoping for quick $2 moves and have the stress of trading on minute time frames on stocks that look like little Gremlins?

What if you changed your approach and learned to identify strength in the market… learned to identify stocks that had the potential to move $50 to $100… and learned the skills needed to profit incredibly well from these moves, how much would that be worth to you over the next few years?

Exhibit B - TWLO

Twilio 14th April 2019.png

The point I’m trying to make here is this.

If you can identify a stock, remove all the Technical Indicators and it still makes sense… you’re a quarter of the way there, because thereafter, it comes down to Technical understanding, Optimum entries and then Trade Management… sounds simple doesn’t it?

If you consider this approach and understand that it’s price that pays, and that it doesn’t matter what the balance sheet of the company looks like, it doesn’t matter about short term news events… it doesn’t matter about what the latest “expert” on Bloomberg says… it doesn’t matter what Cramer says either… it really does come down to price.

Exhibit C - TSLA

Tesla 14th April 2019.png

It still blows my mind that there are traders around the world attempting to trade stocks like Tesla, I mean look at that disgusting looking chart… if TWLO and TEAM are the Margot Robbie’s of the Stock world…. TSLA is most definitely the Quasimodo.

Learn to identify what a good chart looks like, and trade the strength… it’s easier… it’s stress free… and it works.

I’m often asked why I’m able to identify so many optimum entries into the market with the kind of consistency and regularity that I’m able to do so, and this is the answer… the answer lies within price… I don’t gamble… I prefer to leave the gambling to the short term Day Traders and those that like to trade horrific looking charts.

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