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Semiconductors Ready?

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Are Semiconductors Getting Ready to Move?

The stock market is a obviously a nice place to make money, and lots of it, but if there’s 1 thing I would urge everyone to do out there, is to learn how to identify strength in the Market, and learn what makes an optimum entry (which reduces risk) into the correct market.

I know many of you try to reverse engineer my methods, and many of you think it’s as simple as price moving past a line (which is not the case) and you can make money… but the reality is, there are VERY specific Technical Tools and MULTIPLE charts we need to use in order to identify what makes an optimum entry, I know there are many of you that simply don’t understand this - so hopefully this blog helps in some way.

Semiconductors have been moving quite well recently after the absolute Mike Tyson style beat down it taken last year in the wake of adverse market conditions, and although there are many of you out there holding on to the likes of NVIDIA or LAM Research and hoping to see a move to the up side so you can claw back on some of your losses… on the whole, I’ve not really been interested in moving in on Semis over the last few months, however, that thesis could possible be re-visited in the coming weeks.

Exhibit A

Semiconductor ETF 12th April 2019.png

Charting doesn't need to be too complex, and although the above chart is very simple, I know it communicates an idea, and it communicates a potential outcome - this is how I like to keep my charting - clean and to the point, and to do it any other way, I know (at least for me) - it usually works against the decision making process..

We can see this particular ETF is “possibly” going to make a move, and as this is only 1 of 4 charts I consider in relation to this area of the market, I know that when we have all the relevant charts aligning - Semiconductors might well make a move - so I will be watching closely.

This is how we pinpoint optimum entries.

If you understand sectors / charting / strength - it shouldn’t be too difficult to go out there and find a couple of stocks that are rather attractive in this sector, and move in with confidence when the timing is right - but naturally, you should perform your own analysis on the sector, and be comfortable with any position you may wish to take.

So are Semiconductors going to move? Quite possibly… but it should certainly be on the radar… but if you’re unsure how to act, if you don’t have the necessary understanding of how to profit with confidence, and if there are clear gaps in your knowledge - feel free to chat to us at the link below.

We like to help.

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