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An Apology


The Stock Market is a completely unforgiving place, especially to those that haven’t yet learned the dynamics of the market, and how Technical Analysis interacts everything.

I know there’s many of you out there having a tough time, and it truly breaks my heart.

During the last 6 weeks, all of you who follow me closely, will know that I’ve tried to give as much warning as possible to let you know what I was seeing, and to (hopefully) provide a few charts that made sense to you on many levels, because I know how it feels to get crushed, and I just wanted to drive home the implications of taking poor positions in the market.

It’s been a difficult 10 days for many. and it’s been pointed out to me in the last few days (by 1 of my own clients no less), that what we’re seeing in the Market at the moment, has the potential to affect many lives and impact many retirement plans, and also jobs, and If I’m being candid, I perhaps lost sight of this in my analysis which may have painted a rather damning (but ultimately 100% correct) thesis.

My job is very simple, and it’s just to be on the correct side of the market, and to educate those that have faith in what I do… that’s it… I don’t have any pressure in my life, and I haven’t fully considered the agonizing pain a lot of you are going through each and every day, watching yet another market drop, wondering when this is all going to end.

Those that have gotten to know me well over the last 12 months (clients / email subscribers / social media followers)… you’ll know my heart is always in the right place, I want everyone to succeed, and I want everyone to learn what I do, because it just works…. as long as you know what you’re doing, and know when to act… trading can be simplified, and there are ways to trade when the market goes down.

To anyone suffering out there, I sincerely apologize if my content has added to already increasing stress levels, and I hope your fortunes can turn around.

To all of you around the world, whatever you’re celebrations look like, I hope you have an incredibly good festive / holiday period, surrounded by those you value the most.

Merry Xmas


Sam McCallumComment