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5 Charts Showing Strength 2

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5 Charts Showing Strength

How many of you understand how to identify strength in the Market?

How many of you know when to action an entry?

How many of you understand when to stand aside because the entry is too risky?

Playing the Stock Market can be a tough little game….. trying to manage your risk…. identify the entry…. when to compound….and when to exit at maximum profits… there’s soooo much to it, and it’s scary…. but the whole process really begins with identifying strength in the Market. Which is what I do, and what I’m known for.

1st Thing to say… none of these charts should be taken as advice, or encourage you to initiate a position in the Market… the Market is incredibly unforgiving to those that don’t know what they’re doing, or those that are unable to carry out their own due diligence.

I’d highly encourage you to seek professional assistance before entering the Market and absolutely DO NOT take a position in any of the stocks mentioned below. I know nothing.

Last Month we provided (and yes, they’re still showing strength also) - Article from May Here

  1. COUPA Software - $113.38 to $131.61 which risen +16.07%

  2. Everi Holdings - $11.11 to $12.29 which risen +10.62%

  3. Twilio - $137.67 to $150.91 which risen +9.61%

  4. Ball Corp - $62.41 to $71.29 which risen +14.22%

  5. Planet Fitness - $76.50 to $81.81 which risen + 6.94%

That was last month, but what Charts are on my radar just now, and which areas am I watching VERY closely this month?

Treasury Bonds are Moving very well at the moment. The recent trend is there for all to see, and although there has been a recent break out, and if you’re a Technical Trader (which I clearly am), the “optimal” entry has been missed, however, who knows how far this goes… does it keep moving? does it fall away? Who knows…. but it’s showing strength.

Most of you will have observed my Bullish Gold thesis (I’m bullish provided Gold as a Commodity remains above $1,360) - this is an area that most recognize as a safe haven in times of market stress / uncertainty, and it has also broken out from a 6 year resistance area. It’s not hard to be Bulish Gold at this moment in time.

The Argentine economy (by all accounts) has taken a bit if a beating these last couple of years, but as we can see from our chart on the Country ETF, there are very definite signs of recovery for some of the components that lie within.

For those that understand where to look, this may be a place to allocate a little bit of time for some due diligence.

Iron Ore is MOVING and although price is a little over extended at the moment (I’d expect a pull back soon) - there may be some value to be had if you can identify an “optimal” entry into the market on this.

It’s a stock that’s demonstrating strength at the moment and it’s 1 that I think makes sense to look at from a technical perspective… I have no idea what the company does or what the fundamentals look like (and this approach serves me well)… I’m solely looking at the Charts, as the chart tells me both WHAT to buy and also WHEN to buy and above $30 - I’m bullish.

Over the last 2 Years, I have recorded EVERY single Trade Idea I post to my Client Community, and they’re all recorded in our Track Record - for complete transparency - the results speak for themselves.

If you struggle to profit in the market, and if you’ve NOT made consistent profit from Trading during the biggest bull market the world has ever seen, feel free to register your details below to join the Honeystocks movement.

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