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The Right Side

The Right Side

Many of you are nervous just now, many of you are struggling to wrap your head around the current market, and I understand the frustration. You’re probably asking a few questions right now and blaming lots of different things -

  1. When do I buy back the “dip”?

  2. How long is the drop going to go on for?

  3. Is this the start of another correction?

  4. Is Trump to blame for all of this?

  5. Is the Inverted Yield Curve to blame?

The truth of it is actually pretty simple…

Last week, I laid out (again) a thesis of what to look out for, and I said the words “I hope this scenario doesn’t play out” and this was my (not so subtle) way of saying to all my followers / email subscribers - Time to get defensive… just like I did last February / April / October and now.

It’s not a fluke that I understand this… and many of you (judging by the emails / messages I’m receiving) are just not equipped to deal with what’s happening and many of you can’t adjust.

You all follow my work, because you understand that I like to give out an incredible amount of knowledge / charting etc and I do it for free, and out of the goodness of my heart, because I don’t want to see anyone caught out badly. I genuinely love doing this, because it passes the time I have on my hands, and I also consider myself to be 1 of the best price analysts in the world - so it makes sense that I should communicate in a way that can assist people.

I’m not perfect, I do get things wrong too (we all do), but when it comes to charting, I keep it simple and to the point and I’m correct more than I’m incorrect when I’m “on the record”.

I see many prominent Market Analysts (some of them being provided with a platform by CNBC & Bloomberg), and some of them are advocating “buying the dip” and some of them are saying we should be looking to double down on stocks that are offering “discounts” and many of you are buying into this belief, so the question isn’t whether you should be listening to these guys (or me for that matter).

Here’s the truth of it, and I apologize in advance for my bluntness to those of you struggling.

The problem isn’t really what Trump is tweeting, and the problem isn’t what these analysts are saying… the problem is you.

Let me elaborate.

Some of you will no doubt look to double down, some of you will hold your stocks and refuse to sell… I fully respect everyone’s decisions and I respect ALL styles of trading… but those of you that are being confronted with horrific decisions of taking a large loss, or holding through the fire right now… my response is pretty simple.

You shouldn’t be in a position to make those decisions in the 1st place.

Those of you that don’t understand when and how to get defensive and are trapped in a perma-bull mentality - the problem is massively fixable.

If you were able to align with a group of traders that are

  1. Massively Successful and know when to get aggressive and defensive

  2. Massively Knowledgeable and love to share insights

How would that impact your own Trading results?

My client group are already short the market and have been provided 3 charts for Goldman Sachs, Abbvie and HollyFrontier Corp….. all “optimal” entries have been missed, but those are only 3 charts of the many that my group have identified on their own.

The old saying… do the things you always did, you’ll get the things you always got… will always apply to trading.

You wouldn’t expect to walk in to a hospital and perform heart surgery after watching a few YouTube Videos on Heart Surgery would you?

So if you’re someone who struggles / wants to improve results… I’ll leave a link below for you to get in touch.

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