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In my very 1st Blog "Why Trend Trade" - i mentioned that i would perhaps 1 day touch on the time aspect of Trend Trading and how it allows me to live the life I've always wanted - the time has now come - i wish to now explain why Trend Trading kicks the ass of Day / Swing Trading every single day / week / month of the year.

You see.... the inherent problem with the aforementioned styles (Day / Swing) - is that it is MASSIVELY time consuming.. in order to be successful, you need to be staring at a screen and narrowing down charts to 1-5minute.... you need to watch chat rooms (if that's your thing)... you need to watch for signal alerts (if you can't confidently trade yourself).... you need to draw trend lines (which almost always mean nothing).... you need to watch RSI indicators.... you need to use MacD Indicators.... and above all that you have a TINY window in which to execute your trade before you have to quickly exit your position also - the whole process with these styles is inherently stressful (I know because I've tried) - and the reality is that 95% of these type of traders fail and give up. I'm not saying you cannot be successful with these styles (I have friends that are very successful) - but whenever I meet them for lunch or drinks - they look 20yrs older than they actually are. My friend Rob (sorry Rob) is 32 going on 50 - who wants that? - I certainly don't.

Trend Trading is a simple and effective passive style of Trading which, when executed in the correct manner - requires only 15-45mins a day to manage your positions.(depending on how many positions you have open). 

The only time I will spend any time watching the market (at the market open) - I am looking for Leverage opportunity on my watch-list - this isn't for everyone due to the inherent risks - but I will only spend 45mins doing this and if there is no opportunity - i simply get on with my day - and if I DO enter into a Leverage Trade - i simply set alerts for various price levels so that my phone notifies me if i need to look at it... it really is that simple.

So if we can say that on a daily basis - i likely spend less than 90mins on my craft.... and perhaps an hour at the weekend adding / removing stocks from my Watch-list - this gives me life's true currency - time........ and this time allows me to pursue other passions in my life.

From my perspective - the true currency of life is time - yes.... having a large bank balance is lovely... but if you don't have the time to enjoy the fruits of your craft - what's the point in it all?

I'm very fortunate that I have mastered the craft of Trend Trading - and I can say without any hesitation - this style provides the kind of life that everyone dreams of - I have freedom of location.... I can travel whenever I want.... I have a nice home - and I only have to work (on the actual craft of Trading) for a maximum of 12 hours per week and when I compare it to the Day Trading style - who work 3 or 4 times that amount of time to get a 95% Failure rate - I think it's clear that the Trade / Life balance winner is Trend Trading.

Trend Trading also allows me to teach / mentor my own clients in the art of Trend Trading and now that I have clients based all over the world....i like to think I'm growing the awareness of the style, and given the success my clients who have abandoned Day Trading in favour of Trends - it's easy to see why it's appealing. I am trying to show as many people as possible the style that is used by the likes of Warren Buffett and George Soros etc..... what I teach is not rocket science - it just needs to be taught correctly.

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