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Where for Tech?

Where Next For Tech?

We all know the market has been on a rocket ship for the last few months, it’s been almost impossible to lose money since January, and if you HAVE lost money, you possibly need to re-think your approach - most of you by now will have observed that I have a style that focuses on strength within the market, and whether that’s sending out a chart 2 weeks ago to let you all know that semiconductors were breaking out (we seen a 7% move to the up side in the chart I included in the blog - ticker SMH), and thanks to those of you that taken the time to email me to express your gratitude, I thoroughly appreciate you.

Soooooo… Tech… Where do we go next?

Well there are many charts to consider, and given we’re in the midst of Tech Earnings Season, we’re continuing to see strength in this area, and whilst I’d never advocate taking ALL your positions in 1 Sector (the mental hurdles on a down day are just too much to handle for most), we simply cannot ignore the trend that’s in play at the moment, and we all know it’s price that pays.

Exhibit A - QQQ

QQQ 25th April 2019.png

Now before I get into this, the 1st thing I need to say, is that if we see a move BELOW that level of Support, it’s likely VERY bad for Tech, because we know that with failed break outs, we can oftentimes see fast and aggressive moves in the opposite direction, and when we observe the major indices, although I’m 100% Bullish at the moment, I am acutely aware that we’re pushing up against resistance in other areas of the market, and if we see a complete rejection, we can absolutely see Tech fall away also, but at this exact moment in time, it’s difficult to form a Bearish thesis in the market when we see 1 of the leading performers move into new Highs, and we see Amazon crush earnings… but of course (as always), I will reconsider my thesis on a moments notice, like all good Traders / Market Analysts do… never be too stubborn to admit when you’re wrong, because, in my experience, it only ends in pain.

As a Trader (not a long term investor), Capital Protection is ALWAYS the number 1 priority, and good profits are simply a by-product of good capital protection and risk management… those of you out there putting the house on 2 or 3 positions and hoping the market continues to rise, you do risk getting caught out a little bit, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride for as long as it keeps going up…

This week my clients have profited massively from TEAM, XLNX, AMZN, MSFT, SBUX, PYPL, MDB, OKTA, ROKU, ZS, EHTH and CDNS, and I’m seeing numbers of 400%, 100%… $10,000… to name a few… there might be a misconception that everyone only follows my Trade Ideas, which is not the case… I have built a group of exceptional Traders who all know where to identify strength, and how to take advantage of declining stocks.

How many of you would like to be part of a community like that, and how many of you would like to be able to profit from a declining market like last year?

It’s certainly something that’s fresh in the minds of those of you out there who had the misfortune to hold on a little too long, and perhaps those of you that don’t understand where to look in a declining market… this is what i do… and unlike the individuals out there that sell “signal services” and “get rich quick” schemes, I prefer to think of my service as an Education and Market Research service… it’s just a bonus that I provide my client community exceptional charting that results in incredible profits.

If you’re keen to come on board and learn our approach, as well as be part of the best trading community on the planet… it starts by clicking the link below.

2019 Trade Ideas - up until 25th April 2019

Performance 24th April 2019.jpeg

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