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Why Stocktwits is changing the game


Stocktwits.... what's Stocktwits I hear you ask?

If you're an aspiring Trader (which all of you on the email list are) and you've never heard of it, i think the best way I can describe Stocktwits to you - it's a Social Media platform that allows complete novices to interact and communicate with some of the biggest names in the game, in addition to that, the platform will allow you to follow threads on every conceivable stock and track news relating to that stock as well as pick up the retail trading sentiment.

Let me just repeat something in case it was missed 1st time around - IT ALLOWS COMPLETE NOVICES TO INTERACT AND COMMUNICATE WITH SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN THE GAME.

Think about that a second.... REALLY think about that.

If you were an aspiring Soccer player and had the opportunity to learn directly from Ronaldo - you'd break as many legs as needed to get that opportunity.... if you were studying Film and had the chance to pick up tips directly from Tarantino... you'd strike down upon absolutely anyone with as much vengeance and furious anger to get the chance... so now that we’ve identified why it’s a massive plus, lets dive a little deeper into why Stocktwits (in my opinion) is truly unique.

The platform offers an opportunity to pick up lessons DIRECTLY from the best, all you need to do is hit follow / subscribe and you'll get updates to your phone every time the best post, it's not a platform that’s been created so you can follow someone to observe what they’ve eaten for dinner or to watch videos of female fitness models engaging in the art of squatting (is it just me that watches those?)... it's a platform that in my opinion, offers the MOST value out of ANY social media platform out there (and I don't say that lightly).

Stocktwits truly gives YOU the opportunity in a professional sense to interact with the absolute best, not only that, the best will happily post charts and post their own comments because the best like to help, everyone knows it’s a difficult game to master, and they know how difficult it is to get started and be profitable in this game.

95% of Traders give up... that's just a fact.... and the reason they give up is generally speaking a lack of knowledge / discipline and a lack of Trading Plan.

There are thousands of you out there reading this who simply won't put in the hard work in order to be successful in this game, or put in the graft to achieve the consistency needed to retire at 30 / 40 ...  you should probably bear in mind that you've chosen a path that pays (when done well) substantially more than a Doctor or Airline Pilot, so why would you think it's as easy as stumbling through the Markets waving your money in the air and hoping the wind will take your money in the direction you're headed?

Stocktwits is full of genius... granted... some of these guys are world class hedge fund managers... they're money managers... they work for some of the biggest education companies out there... they have Fundamental Research styles / Trend Following Styles / Swing Trading Styles and if you're out there reading this and you're thinking to yourself - why's he writing about Stocktwits and why is he telling me stuff I already know... it's really simple and my point is this

There's an obscene amount of "noise" when it comes to the Financial Markets, and whether you are learning via Youtube at the moment, or maybe you're watching feeds on Stocktwits and find yourself being influenced by Mr Hopeful who's posting a comment saying "$AAPL - TO THE MOON"... I would STRONGLY urge you to seek out some of the individuals that I'm going to highlight below - because, having followed these guys for a LONG time across 2 different Stocktwits Accounts I can happily recommend them as people to follow - they provide value and most importantly - they know their stuff.

Does Stocktwits have some frustrations? Of course it does.. like all Social Media platforms there are many who believe they are the 2nd coming of Christ,  and they will shoot down your ideas because there is zero alignment between yourself and their time horizons - i personally i like to refer to these guys as the wasters (waste of space for short) - they're the ones that think they know everything about the markets and they think they have the ONLY profitable style of Trading and will come for your head if you don't agree with them - these guys are to be ignored at all costs because in my experience, these types are incapable of evolving as a Trader and incapable of learning, and experience tells me they're firmly within the 95%.

The Time Horizon is incredibly important when choosing who to follow, and my advice to those of you reading this - follow only those who align with your own individual style.... because really... is there much point in following a Day Trader when you want to be a long term investor? and Is there much point following an Investor if you want to be a Day Trader? You get my point.

My own particular style of trading is a Trend based style and my Time Horizon is generally weeks / months as you all know, but the Trend based approach can also be adapted to suit shorter term entries (break outs and pull backs which appeals to Shorter term Options traders)... I'm VERY selective on my entries and I always plan my trade overnight (build a full Technical Analysis) as I believe that nothing should be impulsive, and this is why I have good success, it's very much quality over quantity.

Stocktwits is changing the game for Social Media, and I think there are lessons to be learned for all the major social media platforms for what they're accomplishing and the humor and style with which they're doing it... it's complete and total value right across the board.

Pick a style... find out what the best do, and do that.... what could be simpler... and Stocktwits puts you DIRECTLY in front of these guys so you can learn from them... it's truly unique and I'd urge you all to jump over to Stocktwits and follow the right guys... the ones that understand there are many styles that can be profitable in the Markets and those highlighted below offer INCREDIBLE value

Find them here - https://stocktwits.com

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