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Options by Sean McLaughlin


Learn Options From The Best

We are proud to announce an incredible appointment.

We have now officially secured the name of 1 of the worlds leading Options Strategists - Mr Sean McLaughlin who is coming aboard the Honeystocks team on the 1st September.

This is a HUGE deal in the world of Trading and it’s taken me 2 years to find the right person to drive our Options program.

Not only can you learn the art of Technical Analysis, but you can now also learn the art of Options Trading from the Lead Options Strategist for 1 of the best Technical Research Firms on Wall Street.

I reached out to the CMT Association and everyone I knew to find the absolute best, and although I’ve admired Sean’s work for many years, I never thought for a second he was attainable, but here we are, and you have the opportunity to learn from 1 of the very best around.

Who is Sean McLaughlin?

Sean McLaughlin.jpg

He is currently the Lead Options Strategist for 1 of the biggest Stock Market Research companies in the world for Financial Professionals.

He’s THE go to guy for anything and all things Options related and we’re delighted that Sean has agreed to come aboard.

He brings with him an extensive background gathered from the Hedge Fund world, and also from the Research space and it’s a complete honor to work with him.

If Options are what you want to learn, you’ve found the right place.

If you’d like to learn from us, it’s very simple - just book in with us below and we’ll make sure what we teach is a good fit for you and we’ll discuss the various pricing plans / bundles that we offer.

A Small Summary of What You’ll Receive

  1. Direct Tutoring, Access & Support, personally with Sean (no need to worry if you’re a complete beginner - we’ll be there to support all the way)

  2. You’ll learn proven Options Strategies that have been fully battle tested, and all the little ins and outs

  3. Weekly Q&A’s

  4. Access to the Honeystocks Trading Community

  5. Trade Ideas

Pick a Time Below that Suits You - We’ll Talk to You First and Make Sure we can Actually Help before you pay us anything.