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Alison Holmes, Connecticut, USA

I am so grateful for Sam.  He has singlehandedly changed the way I look at the market and invest.  If you’re looking to gain more confidence in your trades and learn the art of trend trading, you found your man.  His course is easy to follow, even for a newbie (like I was).  Sam is never too busy to answer any questions you might have, and always takes the time to check in with you.  He really cares about his community and wants everyone to be successful. 

Honeystocks is truly a special community, where you can safely share ideas and learn, not only from Sam, but from some of the best traders I have ever come across - and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of it. 

John Fonder.jpg

john fonder, tulsa, oklahoma, usa

Technical’s are always my first thought now. I can’t believe I traded blind for so long. It’s gone from loving fundamentals with no clue about Technical’s to always seeing where any stock is technically before acting on it. As you know I am eternally grateful I found your program and the community. This time I will be ready for not only the great stock moves but now when to move on and return later if it makes sense. What a concept.

It’s been incredible so far

Nick L.jpg

Nick Leisenheimer, Minneapolis, USA

I’ve tried it all - alert subscriptions, chat rooms, newsletters, stock twits feeds, you name it. Successful trading boils down to technical analysis paired with consistent discipline and diligence.

Sam has an incredibly simple and proven system, so long as you follow it. The community within Honeystocks is something equally as valuable, and filled with professional traders across the globe sharing ideas and giving feedback in a safe environment. I couldn’t recommend the course enough.


Jeannie Isabelle, Miami, USA

Prior to joining Honeystocks, I knew I needed to gain knowledge about charting and take control of my portfolio to ready myself for a future retirement. Since joining, the knowledge I have obtained has been vast. I now know how to enter and exit stocks better, analyze the impact of the broader market on my portfolio, along with charting and planning, especially in earnings season.

Sam has a group of investors that collaborate on a daily basis and I really enjoy interacting with them. We are a team who help each other. Just a phenomenal group of folks from across the globe. Sam is an incredible instructor and has taught me so much. He explains things simply so anyone can learn the many facets of trading stocks in an uptrend which I feel is a safer approach to investing. I expect to reach my retirement goal ahead of schedule thanks to Sam and the Team.

Jeff Hawkins.jpg

Jeff hawkins, colorado, usa

“I knew I loved to trade the markets but I felt lost and my confidence was dwindling. I continued to try multiple strategies never having a clear plan and failing to grow my account. Sam has brought the clarity I was seeking. I’m now able to identify the best stocks with the best earning potential and trust in the process of properly managing my portfolio. I recommend this approach to anyone looking to remove the stress and achieve long term growth”

Sam Holden.jpg

sam holden, manchester, uk

“Honeystocks provides EVERYTHING you need to know about Trend Trading the Financial Market. He cuts through the BS and Sam is always on hand to answer any questions.
Now that I come to an end of the 1-to-1 Sessions I am looking forward to becoming a profitable Trader along with other members of the Honeystocks Community”

Mark Gibson.jpg

mark gibson, newcastle, uk

“Sam, you’ve changed my perception of Trading, I always seen it as gambling before, but now I know it’s anything but. I’ve doubled my Account since we started working together - long may it continue”


tosin adebanjo, london, uk

“Having gone through the journey with Sam, I can honestly say, he is without doubt 1 of the most down to earth teachers I have ever met. He just gets it.”

Ryan Kure.jpg

ryan kure, red deer, canada

“Since I started with Sam, I’ve learned a heap about Support & Resistance. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn a Trend style of Trading.”

Ricky Pavey.jpg

ricky "the beard" pavey, london, uk

“Although Trend Trading was easy to understand, i found the application of the processes, massively different to Day Trading. Who’d have thought that not playing earnings reports would be such a challenge. Glad i persevered - I’m now making more money than I ever did before. Thanks Sam.”

Euan Lamont.jpg

euan lamont, vancouver, canada

“The Honeystocks Training Program has quickly taken me from a complete beginner to someone confident navigating the Stock Market.
Sam explains things in simple steps, helps build knowledge week on week and keeps jargon to a minimum all of which makes trading the market a lot less daunting and ultimately more profitable. Thank You Sam”


billy mcewen, perth, uk

“I was put in touch with Sam through a mutual friend, he taught me to trade in less than 2 months and I’m making more money with his style than I did in the previous 2 years Day Trading. ”

Ben Vandertam.jpg

ben vanderstam, brisbane, australia

Sams course is incredibly simple to follow and explained in great detail. He uses his presentations and provides clear examples of what he is talking about which helped me to grasp the concepts a lot quicker than I normally would have.

The difference between Sam's course and the majority of courses out there is that Sam actually cares about you and wants you to do well. He's always checking in with you.

He also gives as much of his vast knowledge of trading the Stock Market as he can through his community too which really accelerated my learning so thanks Sam, the course really has helped me out a heap and it's crazy to think that just 6 weeks ago I was a complete beginner.

Duc .jpg

Duc lande, germany

I started trading since 2016 and at the beginning I just thought, "I'll read a couple of books, follow the traders on Stocktwits and that will work out ... That did not work out. I made one mistake after another and was about to get out ... until I happened to meet Sam on the net.

Sam is super patient and his explanation is absolutely plausible for beginners and experienced. Since then I've learned a lot about technical analysis, trading is so much better and I enjoy it a lot more. Above all, Sam has shown me to eliminate the bad habits of dealing with stocks. Access to his community is extremely helpful as it offers much more meaningful and qualitative ideas and discussions. Sam's course is absolutely recommendable."

Zaki Sulaiman.jpg

zaki sulaiman, toronto, canada

Sam's course has simplified trading and technical analysis for me. The community is great place to share ideas. Everything shared is incredibly valuable to say the least and it's good that everyone is on the same page. As I write this I can already say I'm having good success with my trades.

Vince Bird.jpg

vince bird, michigan, usa

Five months ago I decided that I would start trading stocks as a way to potentially supplement my income. I knew absolutely nothing about how to trade the markets. I stumbled across Sam online, and he explained to me that he teaches the trend trading method. Well, it has only been three months since I started his course and went through the one on one sessions, and I am already making profitable trades and seeing consistent capital growth. I am a brand new trader, but I already understand what to look for to identify profitable trades. Sam has methodically taught me what to look for and how to read charts, to decipher good trades from bad ones. I highly recommend Sam as a teacher and mentor. Thanks again Sam!

Thomas Alford.jpg

thomas alford, alabama, usa

Before I got involved with Sam, I was having moderate success in the markets. However, I was never fully confident on when to enter and exit a position. After taking Sam’s course, I can now feel confident in every trade that I enter. The course has provided me with a deep understanding of support and resistance areas and how to apply them to every position. I have tried multiple styles of trading but have concluded that trend trading is the most profitable and least stressful of them all. Thanks Sam!

Adam Paxton.jpg

adam paxton, santa monica, usa

”It truly was a pleasure learning from Sam. His teaching style is very effective and especially accommodative. He patiently moves at the speed of the student and makes sure to ask questions along the way to ensure they have a thorough understanding before moving on. With his direct approach, effective trading strategy, and obvious enthusiasm for educating others I believe many will achieve profitability and success through Sam.”

John Nolan.jpg

john nolan, bath, england

I have recently completed a one 2 one coaching program with Sam. I really enjoyed it and benefited hugely from it. 
Sam was extremely generous with the time he gave, we had many sessions and they were always productive. 
When I needed to rearrange a slot due to commitments, he was always accommodating. 

Sam has an excellent understanding of the markets and trend trading. He has a cautious, solid no nonsense approach to trading. Along with that Sam is a first class listener and what’s more he really cares. 
This is a rare combination. 

Sherry Statler.JPG

Sherry Statler, missouri, usa

The only thing I knew about trading stocks is that I wanted to learn.  So, after one conversation with Sam about trend trading, I was intrigued and enrolled into Honeystocks.  The on-line sessions are self-paced and simplified.    For me, having access to Sam in the community takes learning to a whole new level.  Sam is extremely perceptive and generous with his knowledge.  I highly recommend this course for complete beginners or for ANYONE who is interested in trend trading.  

David Gomez2.jpg

david gomez, guadalajara, mexico

I really like being a part of the Honeystocks group. Sam is always available to answer questions or comment on our ideas. Also the group members are well educated technically and post great ideas for the benefit of other group members without biased comments or useless short-term daytrading noise. All in all its a good place to be to find good mid to long term trading ideas and strategies. Would surely recommend to serious investors.

Gil Astudilio.jpg

gil astudilo, new york, usa

I have been doing Options Trading over the past year. I joined many groups looking for consistency and success. Honeystocks overall has been the most helpful hands down!!

Not many put the effort like Sam. He has a course that you learn at your own pace and provides you homework at the end of each lesson. He explains major key points that have been made clear to me that I didn’t know. He is available for any questions you have. If you want to succeed and don’t know where to start, honeystocks is the place you should be. Thank you Sam and I will continue learning from the group and from you. 

Perry Pic.jpg

perry schultz, los angeles, usa

I first encountered Sam in August this year, and followed the blog for some weeks.  I decided to enroll in the 1 to 1 tuition as I needed more understanding of managing risk and being able to understand what the charts I was seeing, truly meant.

I started with Sam, just as the market started to become more volatile, and started moving lower. The risk management techniques and patience I learned early on saved me a small fortune.

I've been an investor and trader for many years, and I am now much more able to protect myself and now also understand where the opportunity and risk lie. Understanding Technical Analysis has been crucial, as it blocks out the noise, that has only led to losses in the past. Sam has provided the training and insight I needed.


Arpan Khurana, Hong Kong

Sam has been wonderful to learn from. His simple style of teaching coupled with his approachability has made this a great experience.

I had a history of making impatient, subjective and emotional stock market decisions. Over the last 3 months, Working with Sam has taught me a Logical/scientific way to invest in the Stock market with minimal Risk.