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2018 & 2019.. EVERY SINGLE TRADE idea posted to our community

Please Note - The Honeystocks Community is ONLY available to those that are educated by us, it is not available as a Stand Alone Product.

Each chart rises on average of 18.41% (averaged over all 108 Posted Charts)

All Trades Ideas logged from the Honeystocks Community - and please understand - I am not saying +1400% Returns are achievable - they are not - use this information to decide if the stocks we select are the right style for you.

The below information conforms to the CMT Association Code of Ethics (of which I must adhere to).

UPDATED - 17th October 2019

Performance 17th October 2019.jpg

2018 - A Complete History +1400% in Trade Ideas

Performance 2018 B.jpeg
Performance 2018 C.jpeg
Performance 2018 D.jpeg
Performance 2018 E.jpeg
Performance 2018 F.jpeg
Performance 2018 G.jpeg

Please Note - For Full and Open Disclosure - I have NOT initiated positions personally in each of these Stocks / Commodities or ETF’s, these are simply the Charts I have provided my Community group to support their own Charting - Each and every 1 of them.

The Capital Required to initiate in each and every 1 of these positions would be too great, however, you can use this information to better inform you as to whether our style is suitable for you.

- A Community that shares the same belief in a Trend based Approach to Trading & we're incredibly nice

- Actionable Trade Ideas (with supporting Technical Analysis) = 1-3 QUALITY ideas per week

- An environment where sharing Ideas and knowledge is encouraged - did i mention we're a nice bunch?

 - We create Independent thinkers…. if you want to join only to follow the trade ideas… we’re not the place for you

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