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2018 & 2019.. EVERY SINGLE TRADE idea posted to our community

Please Note - The Honeystocks Community is ONLY available to those that are educated by us, it is not available as a Stand Alone Product.

Each chart rises on average of 18.41% (averaged over all 108 Posted Charts)

All Trades Ideas logged from the Honeystocks Community - and please understand - I am not saying +1400% Returns are achievable - they are not - use this information to decide if the stocks we select are the right style for you.

The below information conforms to the CMT Association Code of Ethics (of which I must adhere to).

UPDATED - 15th August 2019

Performance 15th August 2019.jpg

2018 - A Complete History +1400% in Trade Ideas

Performance 2018 B.jpeg
Performance 2018 C.jpeg
Performance 2018 D.jpeg
Performance 2018 E.jpeg
Performance 2018 F.jpeg
Performance 2018 G.jpeg

Please Note - For Full and Open Disclosure - I have NOT initiated positions personally in each of these Stocks / Commodities or ETF’s, these are simply the Charts I have provided my Community group to support their own Charting - Each and every 1 of them.

The Capital Required to initiate in each and every 1 of these positions would be too great, however, you can use this information to better inform you as to whether our style is suitable for you.

The above information conforms to the CMT Association Code of Ethics (of which I must adhere to).

- A Community that shares the same belief in a Trend based Approach to Trading & we're incredibly nice

- Actionable Trade Ideas (with supporting Technical Analysis) = 1-3 QUALITY ideas per week

- An environment where sharing Ideas and knowledge is encouraged - did i mention we're a nice bunch?

 - We create Independent thinkers…. if you want to join only to follow the trade ideas… we’re not the place for you

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